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Bug Out Bags – The Ultimate Prepper Accessory Top 23

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You just received the horrible news that shit just hit the fan.  What is your next move?  People that are not involved in the prepper lifestyle may not have a clue what the next move is.  However, after reading this post, will have a good idea that your next move is to get to your bug out bag and ultimately, your bug out location.  Being that there is so much to talk about when “Bugging Out”….  We’ll stay true to the subject of Bug out Bags for this post and we’ll discuss Bug Out Locations in another post.

Bug Out Bags (BOBs) have become everyday discussion in various circles.  For those that are unaware or are new to the prepping lifestyle, a bug out bag contains your all your survival essentials in case disaster strikes.  Also known as a “Go-bag, Go-Kit or Personal Emergency Relocation Kit (PERK)”, a bug out bag contains all of the items you and your family will need to survive for a minimum of 72 hours.  The basic focus of a bug out bag is to have the essential items to evacuate the immediate area and escape in the event of a natural disaster or emergency situation.

In a natural disaster, terrorist attack, financial collapse or other Sh*t Hits The Fan (SHFT) scenario, you are in a time crunch and will be required to move as quickly as possible.  Many times you will be required to grab and go and not look back.  In these scenarios you will want to select a bag that will blend well, hold all of the necessary items YOU feel are important to you and your family as well as keep a low key profile.  Long story short – you will want to have something that is big enough to carry all your requirements, but not big enough to attract unnecessary attention.

“Enough about the SHTF and possible scenarios…  What the heck goes in my Bug Out Bag?”

Glad you asked…  Below is our top 23 category items we think have a place in a bug out bag.  Again, it’s up to you to choose what is important to you and what you have in your BOB so we compiles a list of 23 categories to choose from and each category contains it’s own list of items. All lists include a downloadable/printable pdf. Enjoy!

Bug Out Bag Checklist PDF link

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