Nikon M-308 on AR10

Written by Zero Verse

The AR 10 was the ancestor of the AR 15 rifle as we know it today, and the first rifle really marketed by the ArmaLite division of Fairchild.  Designed as a full powered battle rifle, the AR 10 never achieved any great commercial success…  That is, until now.  With the wide proliferation of .308 chambered AR 10 style rifles, there is a constant search for the best scope for AR 10 platforms.  Because most AR 10 style rifles today have a flat top upper receiver, we are content to simply examine scopes as it is assumed the rifle owner will have a suitable mount in the event they do not have a flat top upper.

The .308 Winchester is a rifle cartridge that is actually preferred by many shooters and hunters because of its friendly recoil, longer barrel life, and efficient powder-consumption.  A hard hitting, heavy rifle like the AR 10 needs a scope built around the recoil of the .308 cartridge. The best scopes for AR 10 will handle the recoil and be built around the idea of long distance shooting, and the Nikon M308 (see full specs) fills that bill nicely.

Built from the ground up for use on high powered rifles, this four to sixteen power scope has fully coated optics for optimal light transmission, is fully water, fog and shock proof, and features a generous 42mm objective lens.

One of the things I like about Nikon is that they also make the scope mounts for their products.  Because Nikon puts the effort into the R&D you don’t have to look for mounts or rings for your scope.  The Nikon 1 piece mount for the M-308 is built for the M-308.  You know they are built for each other…  If you are searching for the ultimate scope to mount on your long range target or hunting rifle, this is the pair for you.

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