Camo Face Paint Application

Written by Zero Verse

​You can find many articles on the internet about how to apply camo face paint and many take a technical approach.

I have seen instructions where it is said to use mid tone colors over areas where you sweat more or applying light colors around the eyes making sure that its large enough to not appear like a second eye and so on.

Don’t forget what your trying to achieve which is…

Blending into your environment in order to remain unnoticed.

The human face along with clothing and gear are full of curves as well as variations of color which can be lighter or darker in some areas.

Simply follow these 2 steps:

Step 1: Pick the right camo.

In order to blend in to an environment you want to make sure the colors you are using are also found in that particular environment.

Step 2: Apply the camo

When applying camo to your face you want to eliminate the features and curves of the face. One way to do that is to use dark colors such as black over the nose which protrude the furthest and use a pattern that breaks up the natural facial features.

For example, by running a black streak diagonally across the face you are breaking up the nose, mouth and eyes.

Lightening the sockets of the eyes with a light to mid tone is not such a bad idea since it will reduce the contract of the white in the eyes. Just use your best judgement when applying camo to your face.

Flatten the highlighted areas of the face with dark colors and raise the low shadowed areas with a lighter color in order achieve a flattened effect over all.

Also, make sure that you don’t miss any spots.

In conclusion, when you look at examples of what other people do with their camo patterns and colors you can see how different everyone’s are. Remember, the goal is to blend in so don’t worry about how cool you look and remember your objective…to blend in.

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