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Top 15 Tarp Shelters

Written by Zero Verse

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A-Frame – This is a quick and easy shelter to erect. Simply run a line across or find a long branch and throw tho tarp over it. You can make a simple bed of leaves if you need some padding and don’t have a mat. This shelter is good if your just trying to take a quick nap or need a quick rest.

Sunshade – The name says it all. If you just need a little shade from the sun then this is the shelter for you. This is also a quick shelter and good for short term use.
sunshade_tarp_shelterLean To – This shelter is good for blocking sun or wind. Many people will is this type of shelter as a wind shade in order to make a fire more efficiently.
Tube Tent – This is a simple shelter to make for 1-2 people to sleep overnight. This popular design has been sued in commercial tents due to the ease of setting it up and its lightweight portability.
Mushroom Fly – This shelter is like a canopy and provides a little extra head room so you can move around more freely beneath it.
Cornet – This shelter orientation reduces the air space and helps you feel more snug and secure.
Dining Fly – You can seat multiple people under this shelter in order to dine.
Windshed – This shelter is good for keeping your gear safe from wind and sun.
Fold Over Windshed – Much like the regular “Windshed”, but this version does not cover the floor.
Diamond Fly – Much like the “Cornet” but this version does not cover the floor.
Arrowhead – This shelter has a small flap where your head would normally be which is good to add extra shade.
Half Box – This shelter provides a nice corner nook to protect your gear or relax under.
Barn Stall – Use this simple shelter to keep gear or other items protected from the elements. While giving you either side to enter from.
Square Arch – This shelter provides a nice tunnel to store items or sleep beneath. With this extra wide shelter you can fit more people and equipment underneath.
Shade Sail – This very simple shelter which is much like the “A-frame” but allows more cool wind to enter. When your in certain hot areas a cool breeze might be exactly what your looking for.

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