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30 Uses for Tarp in a Survival Situation

Written by Zero Verse

1. Emergency Tent
2. Wind shield
3. Heat Reflector/Sun shade
4. Sleeping bag
5. Ground cover
6. Rain Poncho
7. Protect gear from rain
8. Privacy (temporary shower curtain, Duck blind, etc)
9. Drag dead animals
10. Emergency Billboard
11. Emergency clothing, shoes, head wear(shade from sun while walking)
12. stretcher (using two poles)
13. sack, pack (can carry gear, firewood, leaves for shelter)
14. hammock
15. tent repair (cover the door in case zipper gets stuck)
16. Tent cover (hang over tent to keep the perimeter dry)
17. Water collector/container (use to collect rain water, use to transport water from water source)
18. water distiller (lay over water source in order to collect the evaporating water so it condenses on the tarp. create angle towards a cup where the clean water can collect.)
19. Rope (cut into strips and braid in order to fashion rope. Good for towing, rappelling, hanging gear from tree)
20. emergency raft/tube (place debris on top and fold up ends into a donut shape.)
21. Hiding (can throw over yourself or items and cover with leaves to hide)
22. Sail
23. Animal Trap
24. pillow
25. Fishing net
26. mark your path (use pieces to tie on trees so search and rescue can find your route)
27. safety net (multiple people can hold onto ends in order to catch a person from a fall)
28. Fire Proofing (Fire retardant tarp can be used to protect items from fire or put out a fire)
29. Cover your tracks (drag tarp behind in order to hide your tracks. May leave drag marks but wont leave footprints and will hide how many people are with you.)
30. Toilet cover (covering the toilet hole with tarp can hide the smell and toilet can be reused several times.)

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