Cell Phone Survival

Using your cell phone as a survival tool

Written by Del Zero

Obviously, you can make calls and texts with a cell phone but in areas where reception is lost and there is no network connectivity you may wonder what else your cell phone is good for. Working or broken, your cell phone can be used as a survival tool. Some of the many uses include Survival Apps, Signalling, Making a Fire, Cutting Tools, Hunting, Fishing, and Navigation.

1. Survival Apps – If your cell phone still functions properly aside from reception then survival apps that do not rely on network connectivity can be very useful. There are many apps available for download that provide lots of survival information. Types include:

a. GPS/Map Apps
b. First Aid Apps
c. plant identification
d. knot tying guide
e. basic survival guides, etc.

2. signalling – The reflective surface of a cell phone can be used to reflect light over a distance as you would with a mirror. Many cell phones have a more reflective surface behind the screen.

3. Making a fire – If you have a battery with some charge to it you can press it against a piece of fine steel wool in order to start a fire. Many DIY projects use a 9 volt battery but you can get the same effect with a cell phone battery.

You can also fashion separate wires against the positive and negative leads in order to connect them at will thus closing the circuit and creating a red hot wire that can be used to ignite tinder.

4. Cutting Tools – The cell phones circuit boards edge can be sharpened by rubbing against a rock and used as a shaving or cutting tool.

5. Hunting/Fishing – Parts of the motherboard that be used to fashion weapons such as an arrow head and the shiny components can be bent to make lures to catch fish.

6. Navigation – Some cell phones have a magnet behind the speaker. If you rub one end of a wire on the magnet you can magnetize the end. When you place the wire on a leaf and float in still water the magnetized end will point north.

Next time you plan to venture off into the desert, woods, or other remote environment and someone says to leave your cell phone at home or base camp, tell them that you know several techniques to use your phone as a survival tool.

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