Hobo Symbols

Written by Zero Verse

71-THE_HANDWRITING_ON_THE_WALLWhether you like history on the depression or are planning for the apocalypse and need a way to communicate when SHTF then you should know about Hobo Symbols or Hobo Signs. When doing a search images on-line for Hobo Signs one would think that you would only come up with homemade signs made out of cardboard written on with black markers but that is not the case. You’ll actually find several images with hieroglyphic like markings each with its own meaning specifically intended for communication. Once I studied this a little I decided to print out my own list of hobo signs and acquired a piece of chalk. I’m not a hobo but if things do go south I wouldn’t want to pass by a warning and regret it when a little knowledge could have saved time or a life.

1280px-HoboMarkingsCanalStFerryHobo symbols are still used today like the one to the left which is a picture taken from a Canal Street Ferry entrance in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Also, those who are fans of the show, “The Walking Dead” may have noticed symbols carved into the trees. These symbol may have also been a type of hobo marking. you can read more about that here

If you want to learn more about hobo culture I suggest purchasing The Hobo Handbook: A Field Guide to Living by Your Own Rules
 or if want to compare/print your own cards, Hobo Signs.

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